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Welcome to smart care dental, a leading visionary dental care center, committed to expert oral health care and treatment. With a team of specialists, we aspire to provide outstanding dental services that are easily accessible to our clients and patients

  • Run by NMC registered dental experts
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  • Friendly and patient centered staffs
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Popular Dental Services

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening can improve your smile! Your teeth will be brilliant and radiant again after receiving our expert-grade treatments, which eliminate stains and discolorations.


Extractions involve the careful removal of problematic teeth. Our experienced team ensures a comfortable procedure, prioritising your well-being and future dental health.


Our quick and painless technique can repair cavities and restore the structure of your teeth. To restore the health and attractiveness of your smile, our dentists employ premium materials to fill in decayed regions.

Rootcanal Treatment

Resolve tooth pain and save your natural tooth with this procedure. Our skilled dentists carefully clean and seal the infected tooth, relieving discomfort and restoring oral health.

Dental Braces

Transform your smile with confidence! Our orthodontic specialists offer personalised treatment plans using modern braces technology to give you a great smile.

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Precious Feedback

“Coolest dentist ever! My smile looks amazing thanks to you!”


Alisha Ghimire

Biratnagar 04, Morang

"We had a very pleasant experience! Very thorough and caring."


Chudaraj Poudyal

Biratnagar 01,Morang

"Great doctor listens to patients and provides excellent care."


Pramod Mehta

Barju -01, Sunsari

"Top-notch dental care, friendly staff, highly recommend."


Rimesh Bhattarai

Inaruwa -01, Sunsari